The Day-Of Coordinator is a UNICORN. This is why...

“Day-of Coordinator” is a misleading term in the wedding planning industry. In this day and age, it’s common for people on a budget to use books, apps, podcasts, and Youtube videos to get a crash course in wedding coordination so finding a professional for only the day-of is understandable. However other planners including myself find that “Day-of” services/packages do not accurately describe how much time it takes for a wedding planner to provide effective assistance and on-site logistics. If you know you can book or have booked a venue and vendors on your own and want to save money… what exactly should you be looking for? This blog post can help with that question.

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Finding the Perfect Wedding Lip Color: Comfortable Lipsticks that Work for Everyone

Finding the perfect lipstick for your bridal look is a difficult task for everyone, even for makeup addicts like myself. The last thing you'd want are smeared, patchy or cracked lips 5 hours into your wedding day! In this blog post, I will highlight my ultimate favorite brands in particular, reliable shades  to help put together a cohesive makeup look. With these lip colors- smiling photo after photo, kissing your partner from ceremony to reception, and talking to each and every guest will come easy with these non-drying formulas and universally flattering shades. From rosey romantic to vintage vampy lips, I have something for you.

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Bridesmaids Boot Camp Speaker Highlight: Alison Harper & Company

Today we are highlighting one of our fabulous speakers for the upcoming Bridesmaids Boot Camp on September 18! Alison Harper, owner and founder of Alison Harper & Company, will hold the "How to Keep Your Friend Flawless" workshop. She'll share valuable advice as well as her own favorite products to keep the bride and bridal party forever fabulous. Read more to learn about Alison and her company!

Hello! I'm Alison Harper. I'm a mid-twenty something public speaker and entrepreneur. In 2010, I decided to open up my own business, freelancing hair and makeup artists. Since opening Alison Harper & Company, LLC in the Maryland area, we have expanded and have teams of artists in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Central Virginia. In 2016 we opened Let's Prep Salon; our first full service salon spa located in Laurel, Maryland. Our on location service providers currently service the whole of the East Coast and collectively I represent over 40 talented and very experienced beauty experts. 

I am an advocate for professional artists and through my efforts I hope to help elevate the view and presence of the beauty industry. I hope to educate others and eradicate common beauty industry misconceptions. My mission is to bring to light, the beauty in the beauty industry!

What made you fall in love with the beauty industry? What drew you to it?
I have a real passion for making people feel good about themselves. There are so many parts to my job that fulfill me, from the creative elements to building connections with people. Each day is different and it keeps me challenged. I can't imagine doing anything else. 

What makes you and your business unique? What separates you from the other hair and makeup vendors?
There are loads of talented professionals out there, I think the thing that separates us is our level of customer service. From the beginning we've created a system that supports our brides through their entire process. This level of customer care is pretty hard to find in the wedding industry and it is spread through each part of my business. For example we have a 24 hour email turn around time, a completely electronic booking system, we offer both airbrush and traditional makeup at the same cost [versus a mark up for airbrush which is common -we want our clients to choose based on their need not their budget], plus we have a system for matching our stylists and brides to be. Each member of my company understands the importance of a brides big day, so it emulates through our whole company. 

What should brides/bridesmaids keep in mind when choosing their wedding hairstyle?
There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a wedding hairstyle. First and foremost you need to consider the length and texture of your hair. When you've narrowed down your looks you'll want to consider the weather; will it be humid? Consider how your hair will hold up through the night. Lastly, I would consider the neckline of your dress. A higher neckline encourages an upstyle, etc. 

What are you favorite products?
I am a huge Sebastian fan, I love Shaper Plus and Potion 9 as go to products for most upstyles. 

Any tips on how to keep a hairstyle intact despite the hot and humid DC weather?
I think the proper products help. Making sure you use a humidity resistant hairspray will help fight the frizz. 

Anything new and exciting you'd like to announce?
We just launched our prep packages! They are affordably priced packages that are perfect leading up to the wedding day. You can see more of them here:

Come see her speak at our Bridesmaids Boot Camp!

Bridesmaid Boot Camp: Purchase your Tickets NOW!

Calling all bridesmaids and maids of honor... yes, YOU!

Dream Defined Events has BIG news for all you lovely ladies! We are hosting Bridesmaids Boot Camp- the first event EVER to focus solely on bridal parties!

To prepare for the big day, brides have an abundance of choices from seminars to shows on how to make their dream wedding become a reality. But none focus on the women by her side - her bridesmaids, who are equally important in making her day stress-free! Sometimes complete strangers are forced to bond and work together to ensure every detail is absolutely perfect. Maids of honor are immediately thrown in positions of authority, making major decisions left and right while managing a group of women with different personalities and preferences. 

Are you a bridesmaid or maid of honor and have no idea where to start? Or do you just need a little guidance? It gets very overwhelming! So how can you help your bride stay calm and collected throughout the whole planning process, while trying to avoid a panic attack of your own? This is the one day your best friend needs to look and feel her absolute best. How do you avoid and fix possible catastrophes on her wedding day like smudged makeup, flat hair, dress stains, and cringe-worthy speeches?

Attend Bridesmaid Boot Camp to achieve the ultimate squad goals and become the dream #bridetribe for your bride!  The concept of the boot camp is to educate and empower bridesmaids so they are fully prepared to tackle any emergencies or meltdowns that come their bride’s way.

We are bringing local wedding vendors and experts to provide trade secrets on how to handle every aspect of your best friend's wedding. The 4-hour event will have interactive sessions full of helpful tips, demonstrations, and presentations that feature local wedding vendors and experts.

As an attendee, you will:

  1. Learn how to avoid dress disasters.
  2. Hear hair and makeup secrets so you, your bridal party, and the bride can look effortlessly flawless for hours on hours.
  3. Get tips on how to slay your speech.
  4.  Receive a swag bag including your own starter emergency kit to handle any sudden mishaps!

This is the first event EVER to focus solely on the bridal party. Don't miss out on this great opportunity!


The Most Underrated and Overlooked Wedding Flowers

When picking the perfect flowers for your wedding, the options are endless. Some flowers pop up on Pinterest boards and Instagram posts more frequently than others. Certain blooms get way more attention and are the go to for bouquets and arrangements. But why limit yourself to everyone's favorite flowers? Try to be unique... and maybe save some money along the way ;) We are featuring an incredibly gifted vendor, Taffy Floral, to give us the insider knowledge on the forgotten flowers that deserve more love. 

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OUR NEW SERVICE! The First Dance Fix

At any wedding, the first dance showcases a couple's physical chemistry and love. But dancing is not everyone's cup of tea. Are you absolutely dreading your first dance but your partner or another party (parents, for example) have certain expectations? Who wants to be embarrassed on their wedding day and be perpetually reminded of the horrific experience by photos and video that you paid for? Dream Defined Events has a solution for you! Check out our new service - The First Dance Fix!

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