OUR NEW SERVICE! The First Dance Fix

At any wedding, the first dance showcases a couple's physical chemistry and love. It should be an intimate and affectionate moment or a grand, entertaining performance. But dancing is not everyone's cup of tea. Some think they have two left feet, others believe they have no rhythm, or a select few want to avoid it all together. Are you absolutely dreading your first dance but your partner or another party (parents, for example) have certain expectations? Who wants to be embarrassed on their wedding day and be perpetually reminded of the horrific experience by photos and video that you paid for?

Fret no more because Dream Defined Events is excited to announce a new service that will give tips, teach the basics, and provide choreography to a song of your choice so you're fully prepared to wow your guests and loved ones. These classes will not only help you avoid any embarrassment and boost your confidence, but build a stronger bond and deeper awareness physically and emotionally between you and your partner as well. You will learn to pay attention to your partner's body language, move and think in synchronization, and learn how to function as one unit -- all necessary for a solid marriage.

Dream Defined Events now offers...

The First Dance Fix
A package of 3 dance classes to help you and your partner dominate the dance floor! We will teach you the basics and provide a personalized, choreographed routine that fits your personalities, accommodates your current dance skills, and expresses your unique love story. A consultation to discuss preferred dance styles are included. Each class is a one and a half hour session between the couple and instructor. The client is responsible for securing the class location (it must have an adequate amount of space for dancing.)

$250 for 3 classes (1.5 hours each)
$90 for additional classes
Clients with current planning packages with Dream Defined Events get a 15% discount!