The Day-Of Coordinator is a UNICORN. This is why...

It's understandable that in this day and age, people can approach wedding planning independently. There are books, apps, podcasts, and Youtube videos providing a crash course on wedding coordination. With all this at your fingertips why hire a full-time wedding planner? You have to invest in flowers, a limo, a cake - so many other necessities that cost $$$. The internet is full of free advice for those on a tight budget. So what is the compromise? You come to the reasonable conclusion of needing assistance only on the day of your wedding. Makes sense right? You know you can book or have booked your venue and vendors on your own. The venue knows what to set up. The caterer has their own system. The limo company planned out the route. The florist has their usual to-do list, and so on. Someone just needs to make sure everyone and everything are at the right place at the right time, serving the exact purpose you paid for or doing exactly what was discussed. You hop on Google then boom... the search of a "Day of Coordinator" begins. 

However, the term "Day-of Coordinator" is misleading because it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to efficiently, effectively, and SUCCESSFULLY provide coordination services with only 24-48 hours. If you truly want a worry-free wedding, you need an expert who devotes at least a month to:

  1. Confirm every detail in every contract
  2. Build a relationship with the vendors so they and their staff know you are the liaison
  3. Become familiar with the venue and floor layouts
  4. Compose a thorough timeline
  5. Be present at the rehearsal addition to all your needs day of.

Other planners including myself find that "Day-of" services/packages do not accurately describe how much time it takes for a wedding planner to provide assistance and on-site logistics. For me to gain a better understanding of the cultural and family dynamics as well as a familiarity with the venue and vendors-- weeks of correspondence are necessary. It is essential for us to be on the same page so each vendor involved knows to come to me with any questions, emergencies, or changes. This eliminates anyone bothering you and causing unnecessary stress. These relationships and trust take time- not only between me, your family, the vendors, and venue... but also between me, you and your fiancé. I get to learn about your concerns, your priorities, your unique, dynamic love story. I will make sure all that information translates into one of the most important days of your lives. With these relationships, we can all work as a team and ensure a seamless wedding. 

"What if I can't afford one?"

Time is money. While you are saving money by cutting out a planner from your budget, you are sacrificing precious time with your family and friends that may be in town only for your wedding, or time to simply enjoy your last days engaged. Take a minute to evaluate your priorities. Yes finding and buying the perfect dress, cake, food, and decor are significant, rightfully so. But if they do not show up on time, or do show up but are completely the wrong type/color/amount then what was the point? Money was wasted and anxiety creeps in on the one day when every detail matters.

"Can't a friend or family member do the same thing?"

Unless they have had previous experience coordinating weddings (not just events), I highly suggest not turning to a close family member or friend. Yes, they may be trustworthy, reliable, and FREE but that is a heavy responsibility to put on someone who will not be effected if your wedding goes horribly wrong. At least with wedding professionals, we are concerned about bad reviews, word of mouth, decrease in referrals, and litigation. With our brand, image, and reputation on the line, you can hold us accountable. Planners look at contracts so neither you nor your partner get into sticky legal battles. Those outside the business cannot guarantee the adequate time and effort it takes to look through agreements and double check your details.

"Alright, I'm convinced. Tell me about your month-of service!"

Awesome sauce! So glad we've come to an understanding! Read up on my month-of coordination package and let's chat ;)

Erin & Ray Photogrphy

Erin & Ray Photogrphy